The gradual return of Craig David has been a fascinating window into the national psyche.

It’s been years since Leigh Francis irreversibly soiled his legacy with Keith Lemon: The Movie, and finally we seem ready to collectively wise up and reevaluate’s legacy as a UK garage superstar, while accepting that fame has wreaked extraordinary havoc on the Southampton kid. The thing about Craig, as FACT TV discovered while filming a forthcoming Confessions episode (can’t wait for that), is that for all his abtastic Instagrams and Miami vices and hiding little chocolates in Louboutin heels around his house, the bootyman is a really, really nice guy.

We digress. Craig recently teamed up with Big Narstie for ‘When The Bassline Drops’ and proceeded to take FACT Singles Club by storm. The only way to make this track better, we thought, would be to get a nu-school garage hero – say, Flava D – to give it a remix.

Dreams can come true! Flava D’s bassline remix has arrived, and it’s fantastic. ‘When the Bassline Drops’ is out today, and we should probably try to get it to number one, right? Buy it on iTunes or stream it 100 times on Spotify.



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