Bristol and beyond from one of the city’s best young producers.

There’s no strategy or campaign to Hodge’s rise, no fully-realised aesthetic. Instead, the producer (whose solo status has overtaken that of his group, Outboxx) is simply evidence that if you release enough good music, on enough good labels, then people will take notice. Since 2011 he’s released close to 15 singles, on a diverse-but-focused selection of labels that includes Punch Drunk, Berceuse Heroique, Hotline and Tempa.

Speaking loosely, Hodge’s music fits into that middle-ground between dubstep’s weight and techno’s fluidity that Bristol producers have a knack for doing so well (it’s no surprise that Kowton and Peverelist have tapped him for remixes and collaborations on their Livity Sound/Dnuos Ytivil mini-empire) with an ability to shock dancefloors while still keeping things moving that a lot of producers lack at the moment.

Hodge’s latest EP, Forms of Life, is out now through Berceuse Heroique and you can catch him at The Warehouse Project in Manchester on Saturday December 12 – check here for more info and tickets.

Creta Kano – False Water [Bruce’s Hifi Mix] (forthcoming Happy Skull)
Joy Orbison – A213 (Rush Hour)
Peverelist – Undulate (Livity Sound)
Gramrcy – 18 Drums (forthcoming FTD)
Trevino – Playtime [Mosca’s One In The Chamber version] (Birdie)
Endian – Finish Me (Secret Sundaze)
Hodge – Light Waves (Unreleased)
Hodge – Amor Fati [Peverelist Remix] (Ytivil Dnuos
Beneath – Bait (Unreleased)
Callahan – Don’t Need [Hodge Remix] (Forthcoming DEXT)
Randomer & Cadans – Angry Fiddle​ (C​lone Basement Series)
Dusky – Parakeet Feet [Hodge Remix] (17 Steps)
Mark Forshaw – The Fuck [ I.B.M Remix ] (Berceuse Heroique)
Source Direct – Black Rose [Blawan Remix] (Nonplus)
Hodge – Burned into Memory (Berceuse Heroique)



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