Jefferson wants $10,000 to press the album to triple vinyl.

US house veteran Marshall Jefferson has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a vinyl pressing of a new album.

According to the Kickstarter campaign page, the album is already recorded, but Jefferson needs $10,000 to press it to vinyl either as a triple or quadruple album, “with great album art and a story.”

The album has been co-produced by enigmatic house figure Sleezy D, an artist that Jefferson insists in the accompanying promo video is definitely not a made up person, and is “the living embodiment of ‘The life of the party'”.

Best known for his early run of singles on Trax in the 1980s, Jefferson has even built his own microphone for the project, which he has named “Househead” or “Ron” for short.

Jefferson isn’t the only US house figure to use use crowdfunding methods in recent weeks. Peven Everett recently launched a Kickstarter to reissue several records that feature his vocals, though it’s only attracted three backers so far. [via The Vinyl Factory]



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