Convenanza is out in February.

Andrew Weatherall – veteran producer, expert selector and always-in-demand remixer – has announced his first solo album since 2009.

Convenanza is “the sound of Andrew Weatherall looking back at the clutter of a life thoroughly lived and realising it’s too late to tidy it up in any meaningful way,” the press release wryly notes.

“It would be marvellous to throw out lines about the artist exploring the periphery of his musical vision or redrawing the boundary between confrontational electronica and a fondness for a decent melody. That would however indicate some kind of preconceived plan or, failing that, a musical objective which shaped the record. Even serendipity would suggest a more organised approach to the album than was actually the case.”

The album resulted from early studio tinkering with the Sabrettes’ Nina Walsh, with Weatherall “pulling at the threads and adding lyrical ideas until the ghosts of songs started to emerge.”

Stream the first track from the album, ‘The Confidence Man’. Convenanza is out February 26 on CD, LP and digital via Rotters Golf Club.

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01 Intro
02 Frankfurt Advice
03 The Confidence Man
04 The Last Walk
05 Kicking the River
06 Disappear
07 We Count The Stars
08 Thirteenth Night
09 Ghosts Again



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