Joakim’s Crowdspacer label have announced their first compilation. 

The French producer launched Crowdspacer in 2012 as an outlet for his club-focused creations, made solo and in collaboration with artists like Kindness, Jam City and Crackboy.

Crowdspacer Volume 1 is the first digital compilation from the label. It collects previously vinyl-only material as well as new cuts from Crackboy and JHACK (aka Joakim and Bryce Hackford). Included in the compilation is Everyone’s ‘No Time To Waste’, a collaboration from Joakim, Kindness and Vincent L’Traques (a not-so-secret alter-ego of Night Slugs’ Jam City).

Crowdspacer Volume 1 will be released on February 15. Watch a video for the compilation and check the tracklist below. [via RA]


01. No Time To Waste (Vocal Version) – Everyone
02. R-type III – POV
03. Servant – Cray76
04. Submission – Full Circle
05. Amazone – JHACK
06. Weapon (dub) – Crackboy
07. Burning Inside (Unreleased Mix) – Cray76
08. ADAT – POV
09. Kung Fu Dog Pt 2 – Keita Sano
10. Generator2 – Yes Wizard
11. The Dirt (House Mix) – Crackboy
12. Merce – Cray76



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