A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to rehome Colonel Abrams.

The retired NYC house veteran is currently homeless and needs to raise funds in order to access vital medical treatment.

“The Colonel is very ill with no permanent place of his own to live at this time and limited financial resources. Those of us who have listened to his awesome music and know of his plight, have banned together to try and help him through this rough patch,” reads a statement on the GoFundMe page.

“If the Colonel was healthier today, trust and believe he could still be making money on stage performing his greatest hits, but unfortunately his current health issues hinders him from doing so. Any amount that you can contribute will be greatly appreciated in helping out our brother in need.”

Fellow house music lynchpin Marshall Jefferson recently launched a campaign to crowdfund his next album. The Chicago DJ has now asked supporters to donate to Colonel Abrams’ cause instead. Watch Jefferson’s plea below and donate to Abrams’ campaign here.



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