After decades of bootlegging the cult soundtrack gets an official release..

The reason you won’t find 1977’s The Last House On Dead End Street on our list of the best horror soundtracks of all time is the same reason it most certainly is one of the best.

When Roger Watkins made his iconic video nasty he took soundtrack music from the vast KPM Music Library, and the result was a mysterious collection of eerie electronic pieces that worked as both a score and a compilation of many experimental composers at the time. It’s no surprise that Last House has been subject to many bootleg soundtracks over the years.

Vombis Records has now announced the first ever official release of the soundtrack, making it available on vinyl February 12 of next year. You can pre-order now through Light In The Attic. Below you can find the track list, artwork and a sampler of some of the music.

The Last House On Dead End Street tracklist:

A1 Lewis Stern – ‘Pulse of Terror’
A2 Eric Peters – ‘Electrofear’
A3 Eric Peters – ‘Occult’
A4 Eric Peters – ‘Space Movements’
A5 Eric Peters – ‘Psycho Theme’
A6 Lewis Stern – ‘Pulse of Fear’
A8 Alan Hawkshaw – ‘Beat Me Til I’m Blue’
A9 Ron Geesin – ‘Agonythm’
B1 David Fanshawe – ‘Dawn Odyssey’
B2 David Fanshawe – ‘Destructive Powers’
B3 David Fanshawe – ‘Cybernetics Fast’
B4 David Fanshawe – ‘Terror Noises’
B5 David Fanshawe – ‘Dark Vibrations’
B6 David Fanshawe – ‘Nightmare’
B7 David Fanshawe – ‘Transformation Odyssey’
B8 Don Harper, Li De La Russe (Delia Derbyshire), Niki St. George (Brian Hodgson) – ‘Celestial Cantabile’
B9 Ron Geesin – ‘Omination’



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