Plus 8 co-founder drops a surprise compilation.

Richie Hawtin has released a new album, From My Mind To Yours. The title is a reference to the Plus 8 label’s influential 1991 collection From Our Minds To Yours.

The new album collects 15 tracks and finds Hawtin working under a variety of aliases. Established names like ROBOTMAN, FUSE, Circuit Breaker and Plastikman appear alongside new monikers Childsplay and 80xx.

Earlier this week, Hawtin admitted to producing a trio of recent anonymous Plus 8 records. Those tracks are collected on the new album, which you can preview over at Boomkat. [via RA]


01. No Way Back
02. Stretching
03. Simple Simon
04. Them
05. Close
06. Purrkusiv
07. Gymnastiks
08. Systematic
09. Creepr
10. Akrobatix
11. Cirkus
12. Creatur
13. Grindr
14. EXpanded
15. Xtension



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