DJ Khaled managed to get lost at sea while riding his jet ski in Miami on Monday night.

Thankfully for us, he managed to Snapchat the entire ordeal. After a four-course lunch at his house on Monday, Khaled set off for another lunch at Rick Ross’ mansion. After the “amazing” meal, Khaled headed home but ran into a little trouble along the way. He narrowly avoided the police, but then became lost when darkness fell.

Taking to Snapchat, Khaled said: “It’s dark. It’s so dark. It’s so real out here right now”; “This shit real out here, boy”; “The only reason you see anything is because I got the flash on.” Despite the precarious predicament, Khaled was still able to share some wisdom—”The key is not to drive the jet ski in the dark. It’s against the law at night, there’s that. This ain’t right.”

Fortunately, Khaled made it home safe. “We made it,” he said. “Never said it was easy to win. Feels good to be back on the pathway to more success. Feels great. Lion!” [via Noisey]

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