The new online sample library is officially out of beta.

Irrupt, the sample source that specialises in high-quality “sound product” has launched to the public.

The Irrupt website features an array of royalty-free samples categorised by a number of themes, which currently include “Artificial Intelligence”, “Downer Discotheque” and “Exploding Unicorns”.

As RA reports, Irrupt has also partnered up with Berlin-based software company Bitwig – the developers of the Bitwig Studio DAW – to offer users of the software Irrupt System an exclusive 1GB pack of hand-picked samples. It also includes the Irrupt Inspiration Generator, a Bitwig Project that launches clips at random intervals to help kickstart the composition process.

Irrupt was announced in October, and its team – which includes Beatport founders Eloy Lopez and Brad Roulier and Hard Wax employee Jay Ahern – positioned it as a high-quality alternative to the existing market for sample packs.

“Our curated collections represent what we believe is a new digital audio format of a more granular nature, where creatives can engage with each element of sound or building block to shape exciting new studio compositions and real-time performances, or bring a DJ set to the next level,” Ahern and Lopez said at the time of launch. The samples are created by “renowned sound designers and producers,” but their identities are kept anonymous by Irrupt.

You can browse the library at Irrupt, and find out more about the Irrupt System at the Bitwig website.



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