Writing a movie is “easy”, says the rapper.

 has penned his first script, an underdog gangster story inspired by his personal life and hip hop’s favourite Netflix series, Narcos.

Ross’ script, titled GABOS – which stands for ‘Game Ain’t Based on Sympathy’ – was originally intended to be a single movie, but it sounds like Ross got a bit carried away.

“I feel it’s too big to be one film,” he told Rolling Stone. “I feel we should film it, break it down and make it a series, if we can.” Hinting at the film’s plot, he said: “The only thing better than a double-cross is a triple-cross.”

He also described the writing process as “easy”, having grown up watching Miami Vice. “Writing a film, you can bring it all to life, whether it’s for yourself or another character in a film,” he says.

There’s no sign that the screenplay will actually get filmed any time soon, but as someone who’s released three albums in two years, he can definitely get shit done.

Ross was arrested for assault, battery and kidnapping in June this year. His latest album, Black Dollar, dropped in September.



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