Spotify has launched a new tool that claims to offer seamless party playlists.

With Diplo onboard to promote the benefits of beat-matching, Spotify Party promises to let you create “professionally mixed” playlists for any mood. These “expert-made” playlists – from Diplo’s own set to reams of curated playlists organised by different genres and moods – are beat-matched so that each tune blends smoothly into the next.

If you want to crank your party up a notch, slide the “mood tuner” and Spotify will do the work, and you can add, remove and rearrange the playlist with having to interrupt the music.

Spotify Party is rolling out to Android and iOS users now, so check your phone and look for Diplo’s 120-track set, with more exclusive playlists to come.

It’s the latest in a wave of rollouts at Spotify, from a tool that lets artists track their biggest fans to today’s vital intervention: a scanner that works out which Star Wars character matches your listening habits.



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