The Italian producer blends multiple styles into one pitch black statement on his latest album.

When Type Recordings first announced the release of Shapednoise’s new album, Different Selves, they resisted the increasingly popular term “deconstructed club”. Rather, they chose to describe it as “an amplification of the club”, which makes more sense sense because the producer’s blend of noise, industrial, D&B, and grime sounds anything but broken down.

Different Selves is a dense and heavy listen (if Justin Broadrick of Godflesh guesting didn’t tip you off), but for all the noise, it evokes the physicality and sonic pressure of a pounding club. You can hear for yourself by streaming it over on The Wire

The record is out soon via Type (a label independently operated by FACT’s John Twells). For more on Shapednoise, revisit his FACT mix from earlier this year.



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