The nu-metal frontman has been declared a security risk by the Ukrainian government.

Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst has been banned from entering Ukraine for five years by the country’s security services.

According to The Guardian, Ukrainian online publication Apostrof reported on December 21 that Durst had been banned by the security services “in the interests of guaranteeing the security of our state.”

Durst, whose Russian wife Kseniya Beryazina hails from the Crimea region of Ukraine, said in October that he wanted to live there for half the year working on film and TV projects to ensure the “great future of Crimea and Russia.”

Ukraine, which has been embroiled in a conflict with Russia after the annexation Crimea in 2014, presumably has issues with Durst’s ambitions, leading to him being classified a risk to national security.

It’s not been a great 2015 for Durst. In March he was mistaken by the Associated Press for alleged murderer Robert Durst.



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