The veteran DJ’s family are heading to London to investigate further.

DJ Derek Serpell-Morris was reported missing in June, after his Bristol family hadn’t seen or heard from him in three weeks. There have been murmurs of sightings over the months since, but nothing concrete – though his family did find a marked map at the DJ’s home.

Today, the family were alerted to a photo taken at Waterloo station, which shows someone who looks very similar to the DJ, wearing a hat and scarf that he owned, with a suit (another DJ Derek trademark) under a camouflage jacket.

Speaking to The Bristol Post, Derek’s niece Jennifer Griffiths explains that his family are making arrangements to go to London following this lead.

She said: “It is all a bit of a mess at the moment. We are trying to get up to Waterloo station and speak to as many homeless shelters in that area as possible. We called the station, but they say the police need to put up the posters, not them. Most of the officers we’ve been in contact with are now on annual leave, but we’re desperate to do something.

“When you look at the pictures, those are the same shoes he’s got. He has that specific scarf, the same one, and the same hat. He wears it the same way as well. He is wearing a shirt, tie and jacket, and that’s how Derek dressed.

“The only thing is that camouflage coat and the walking stick. I think if he has fallen over, he could be using a stick to get around. We are still unsure, but we can only hope. We’ll go from there. If it really is him, and we can find him, that would be the best Christmas present. We can bring him home.”

DJ Derek is 73, and is considered one of the UK’s oldest and most-loved DJs.



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