The inventors claim it encourages your baby’s neural development.

Pregnant women who want to play music to their unborn baby can now buy a gadget that will fill their womb with sound: the Babypod vaginal speaker.

Babypod has been created by Spanish gynecology clinic Institut Marquès, and is inserted into the vagina like a tampon. The device connects to your smartphone and plays music at 54 decibels – the equivalent to the volume of a hushed conversation or soft ambient music tones.

According to the Babypod website, the device “stimulates the vocalization of babies before birth through music and encourages their neural development.” The developers claim that after studying hundreds of ultrasound scans, most babies are found to react with body, mouth and tongue movements when listening to music through the device.

If you have any concerns about inserting a speaker inside your vagina, Babypod claims the silicone material shouldn’t irritate your skin, and that vibrating sound waves have no adverse affects on the developing foetus. There’s no battery or Bluetooth capabilities inside, though having a cable trailing out of your muff seems fairly impractical.

babypod-case-040116You can buy a Babypod direct for £91.51 – it even comes with its own pink case and auxiliary earphones so you can listen along with your baby.

Check out a recent Babypod concert below, as well as the moment a baby supposedly sang along with the music of singer Soraya Arnelas.



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