UPDATE: 1017 Records say Gucci Mane will be out of prison by March.

Earlier today Gucci Mane mysteriously deleted his Twitter and Instagram accounts, his primary sources of communication with fans since going to prison in 2013. Now it seems that the decision is tied to the Brick Squad figurehead’s impending release. Pigeon & Planes reached out to Gucci’s engineer, Sean Paine, today who explained that the disappearance from social media was because “he wants to wait until he gets out to build anticipation and resurface everything under the new Gucci brand.”

This all falls within the same time frame as a recent Instagram post that states the rapper will be a free man come March. Read it below.

Guwop get out in march 2016

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The incarcerated rapper disappears from social media.

Gucci Mane is currently in prison, but he’s still made contact with fans through his Twitter and Instagram accounts. Today both of those accounts disappeared without any prior notice or explanation why. His fan page on Facebook is still running as of now. It’s unclear why this has happened or if they will return, but check back for updates as they come. [via HipHopDX]



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