The forthcoming LP sees the producer consult with astrophysicist Dr Andrew Read. 

Anthony Child has announced details of his seventh solo album under the Surgeon alias, due for release in January.

From Farthest Known Objects will arrive on UK techno veteran’s Dynamic Tension label, and has an astronomical theme inspired by the vintage equipment used to make the album.

“While exploring new production techniques using old and unlikely hardware, the results were so unusual that I really had the sense that these pieces of equipment didn’t actually create these sounds, rather they were in fact some kind of elaborate reception device that allowed me to tune into transmissions from Distant Galaxies,” the producer explains.

“The music I could hear was actually the received transmissions of Pop Hits from those Distant Galaxies that were being played on their radio stations. I quickly recorded all that I could before losing the transmission.

“I consulted with Dr Andrew Read, the astrophysicist with whom I recorded Guitar Treatments in 1999. He has worked on the discovery of the most distant galaxies and astronomical objects in the Universe. Together we came up with a possible list of where these musical transmissions may have come from.”

The album is the first to be released under the Surgeon alias since 2011’s Breaking The Frame, though he released an album of music recorded in the Hawaiian jungle on Editions Mego under his given name in 2015.

From Farthest Known Objects is released on January 29 – you can listen to ‘BDF-3299’ track from the album below.


01. EGS-zs8-1
02. z8_GND_5296
03. SXDF-NB1006-2
04. GN-108036
05. BDF-3299
06. ULAS J1120+0641
07. A1703 zD6
08. BDF-521



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