Slow-fast goes slow-slow.

Om Unit has explored music from almost every angle in his career, whether it’s twinkling hip-hop as 2Tall, footwork-cum-jungle as Philip D. Kick or the squashed synths of his Terrorhythm work.

On this new mix, uploaded over the Christmas period, he mixes “early spaced out dubstep records at 33” (if you’re lost, that’s 45rpm records played at 33rpm – i.e. slower). Shackleton, Peverelist, Sigha, Pinch and more feature.

Stream or download the mix below, and for more slowed down dance records try to seek out Rushmore’s 100bpm series (though they’re no longer on his SoundCloud).

Scuba – Inmost
Shackelton – Tin Foil Sky
Ena – Sign
Shackleton – You Bring Me Down
Peverelist – Erstwhile Rhythm
Cluekid – Late Nights
Toasty Boy – Skinny
Sigha – Expansions
30hz – Mutated (Pinch Re-Work)
Silverman – Cantstandtherain

Watch Om Unit pick out 10 records for FACT TV:



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