Six albums by the NYC noise-rock band are coming back on wax.

Sonic Youth’s 1994 album Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star, which saw the band taking a more low-key and personal approach after the visceral grunge-pop of Dirty and Goo, is the first (and probably best) of the new batch of vinyl reissues.

The next two records are 1998’s Walt Whitman-inspired A Thousand Leaves, the group’s first major album to be recorded in their Manhattan studio Echo Canyon, and 2000’s NYC Ghosts and Flowers, which a certain American music website honoured with a 0.0 rating and a comparison to Metal Machine Music, which is reason enough to give it another spin.

The reissues, from USM’s Back To Black series, are out on January 22. Murray Street, Sonic Nurse and Rather Ripped will be the next three SY albums reissued on vinyl, set for release on February 19.

Last year’s the band reissued a clutch of early albums, beginning with 1985’s Bad Moon Rising.



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