Bowie provided a score and a key role in Omikron.

As people sift through David Bowie’s career for its countless highlights, Motherboard have looked back on one of the artist’s strangest moments.

In 1999, Bowie became heavily involved in the Sega Dreamcast game Omikron: The Nomad’s Soul providing input to the game’s story and cyberpunk design as well as playing two separate characters. He played Boz, a revolutionary fighting in the game’s dystopian world, as well as the lead singer of an in-game band called The Dreamers who performed versions of some songs that would later appear on Hours….

Omikron was such a commercial failure that it never even made it to its planned Playstation 2 port (it was still available on PC). Still, Bowie was obviously onto something because developer Quantic Dream went on to huge success with games including Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. Watch Bowie as Boz and as the lead singer of “The Dreamers” below.