Massachusetts residents looking to serve you panini with LED gloves are attempting to raise money for their food truck on Kickstarter.

Electric Dance Munchies is the name of a new food truck four friends are hoping to make a reality, if they hit their goal of fundraising $11,000. Their proposed plan is have a solar-powered truck that serves a rotating menu of hot and cold sandwiches, “healthy and revitalizing smoothies” (which is important for both the pre-work, workout rave set, as well as the molly monkeys who need a pick me up before their serotonin levels dip too low), and rave gear. Yes, you will be able to get a pressed chicken parm sandwich and “flashing light sunglasses” in one fell swoop.

One of the hopefuls looking to get this off the ground is named Philip Fazioli, aka DJ Fazi Snaxxx, who “will [provide] the beats from Ableton Live 9 and his Launchpad.” Yes, as a customer at EDM, you will be able to “listen and dance to the latest and hottest electronic dance music on state-of-the-art speakers that will be right outside of the truck.” This is peak Electric Daisy Carnival fallout.

Check out the rest of the info at their Kickstarter here. And it is imperative that you watch the animated pitch video.



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