The doom icons follow last year’s Kannon with a reissue. 

DØMKIRKE was recorded at Norway’s Bergen Cathedral, during the Borealis Festival in 2007. It was originally released in September 2008, and features “intrinsic members of Sunn O)))’s mythology, including Attila Csihar (vocals), Tos Nieuwenhuizen (Moog), Lasse Marhaug (noise), Steve Moore (organ, trombone) with Greg Anderson (guitar) and Stephen O’Malley (guitar) vitally remaining at the centre of the Sunn O))) constellation.”

It will be reissued on double-vinyl on February 5, and is available digitally through Sunn O)))’s Bandcamp.

1. Why Dost Thou Hide Thyself in Clouds?
2. Cannon
3. Cymatics
4. Masks the Ætmospheres



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