Stop calling 1-900-MIX-A-LOT.

Seattle man Jonathan Nichols is being bombarded with sexts meant for back-to-waist ratio appreciator and 90s rap star Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Nichols was a law student at Seattle University when he switched to a local number in 2012 and Verizon furnished him with digits that were already rather popular. As Seattle Times reports, he’s received countless calls and texts meant for the rapper, from offers of backstage passes to nudie pics from admirers.

The first message he received contained a link to a YouTube video of a guy making beats. “That’s pretty cool,” Nichols texted back. “But you clearly have the wrong number.”

He then started getting phone calls from luxury car dealerships and photos of bikini-clad women, until on August 12 his phone blew up with birthday messages and one tell-tale reference to ‘Baby Got Back’. Nichols googled Sir Mix-A-Lot and discovered that it was indeed the rapper’s birthday.

“Are you serious? That is hilarious. Poor fella,” said Sir Mix-A-Lot when the Times reporter called him.

“Don’t check any text messages in front of your wife,” the rapper advised. “And don’t answer any texts by saying ‘Yes,’ because people take ‘Yes’ differently with me. And usually you end up opening your wallet.”

He added, because of course he would: “Tell him any really sexy pictures — little in the middle, and if she’s got much back — give them the new number.”



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