The most “radically club-orientated” release from the Quantum Natives affiliate is released in February.

Tri Angle has announced details of an album from its latest signing, genre-spanning London-based club producer Brood Ma.

Described as a “a dizzying, exhilarating and terrifying soundtrack to dystopia,” Daze is the third album from Brood Ma, who has previously appeared on Quantum Natives and Untold’s Hemlock label with music that combines a smorgasbord of club styles with an obsession for high-definition sounds and virtual worlds.

In the producer’s words, Daze is “a documentary of the military engagements played out amongst adults and children across worldwide server space and an attempted critique of the current obsession with survival playtime, played out through politically prosed pop references and narratives of fictional, future juvenilia.”

Brood Ma is the latest in a line of similarly exploratory producers on Tri Angle, which has released records from Rabit and Lotic over the past year.

Daze is released on February 19 – you can listen to album track ‘Nrg Jynx’ below.



01. Westerly Spawned Lamb
02. Be Yourself
03. Goldman Sax
04. Well Equipped
05. Hard Wear
06. Thorium Mox
07. Molten Brownian Motion
08. Sex Compressor
09. Sex Contortion
10. Dim Returns
11. Social Re Entry
12. Sacrificial Youth
13. Nrg Jynx



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