The company has called the ear a “physiological playground”.

The future of Google Glass (pictured above with earpiece) is still uncertain, but the company looks to be working on wearable technology for your ears.

The news comes from United Sciences business development EVP Adam Mathes, whose company specialises in 3D scanning of the human ear to create custom-fitted devices like hearing aids and in-ear monitors for musicians.

According to information given to Wareable, Google is working with Glass technical lead Thad Starner on the in-ear device. Mathes said: “He’s [Starner] working with Google still on some kind of in-ear wearable and Glass combination. They’re very keen on the ear.”

Though Mathes didn’t elaborate on the function of the unnamed technology, he said that Google is calling the ear a “physiological playground”. While nothing has been confirmed by Google, it seems likely the company is working on in-ear wearables – in 2015 it was announced that Google Glass was to being absorbed into a new team called Project Aura, which is also focusing on other wearable technology.

Google isn’t the only company working on wearable technology for the ears. Last year Doppler Labs introduced the Here active listening system, a set of wireless earbuds that allow the user to filter out certain frequencies. If Project Aura is developing in-ear tech, it seems a good bet it will do something similar.



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