The latest soundtrack from the Wu-Tang don accompanies a horror spoof.

Meet The Blacks is a comedy take on dystopian annihilation flick The Purge, which is heading for its third instalment in 2016, and features a score by RZA.

The spoof is written, produced and directed by basketball player turned filmmaker Deon Taylor and stars Mike Epps (The Hangover) and Mike Tyson (also The Hangover), along with a bunch of what used to be known as D-listers and are now called “Vine stars”. Check out the trailer below for a taster.

RZA has done a few soundtracks previously, of course, most recently for his own movie series The Man With The Iron Fists. He’s currently busy directing the forthcoming action thriller Breakout and is set to co-star in a biopic about a Latina pornstar.

RZA recently spoke out in the wake of the furore over Wu-Tang’s edition-of-one album being snapped up by evil pharma boss Martin Shkreli, admitting: “He bought it, he can do what he wants.” [via Film Music Reporter]



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