The all-in-one system features several of the company’s most coveted synth modules.

US-based boutique company Make Noise has released a new all-in-one Eurorack modular synthesizer, the System Cartesian.

Known for its popular Eurorack synth module Maths, Make Noise claims its new all-in-one brings together the tactile qualities of the Buchla’s conductive metal keys with the more expansive capabilities of the Moog modular systems.

As Make Noise explains, the System Cartesian is capable of several types of synthesis: subtractive, additive, FM, phase modulation, ring modulation, amplitude modulation and more, “often simultaneously”.

System Cartesian’s components will be recognisable to those already familiar with Make Noise’s range. It’s comprised of the René sequencer, Wogglebug and Maths envelope generators, STO oscillator, three-voice  tELHARMONIC module and several other key components. It also comes with its own case and built-in power supply, making it an ideal system for those new to modular synthesis, or looking for a powerful but compact all-in-one system.

While the System Cartesian looks great for beginners getting started in the world of modular synthesis, you’ll need some serious cash to get your hands on one – Make Noise is selling it for $2,100. It’s still less expensive than the company’s other complete modular systems though – the CV Bus Shared System and Black and Gold System cost $4,106 and $4,600 respectively.

Watch the System Cartesian in action below, and purchase it from the Make Noise website.



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