A complete modular synth and pressure-sensitive keyboard controller make up the new range.

Pittsburgh Modular has offered full details of its new all-in-one Eurorack modular system, Lifeforms.

Described as the “next generation of modular synthesis”, the Lifeforms range includes two all-in-one modules and comes in three different form factors, depending on how much room you need for expansion.

The key components are a complete dual oscillator synthesizer, the Lifeforms SV-1, and a pressure-sensitive keyboard controller, the Lifeforms KB-1. Each contains everything you need to start generating sounds and sequencing them straight away, with the SV-1 including mixer, oscillators, filter, MIDI to CV converter and more.

Pittsburgh Modular also sells the modules as part of three configurations. System 101 gives you a case with the SV-1 and room to add more modules, System 201 houses an SV-1 and KB-1, and System 301 gives you both modules in a case twice the size with more room to expand your collection.

Though the modules are being marketed as all-in-one units, Pittsburgh Modular also sees them as the centrepiece of a larger Eurorack system, or the ideal entry point for those looking to get into the format without having to buy several individual modules to get off the ground.

Pittsburgh Modular isn’t the only company to have introduced complete systems aimed at both beginners and more experienced collectors in recent months. Boutique operation Make Noise just launched the System Cartesian, while Moog and Roland released their own all-in-one modules in 2015.

You can find full details of the Lifeforms range at the Pittsburgh Modular website, though a release date has yet to be confirmed. Prices range from an affordable $499 for the KV-1 module up to $2,049 for the System 301.






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