Starting with Geidi Primes in February.

Canadian label Arbutus Records is set to reissue Grimes’ pre-Visions catalogue through the first half of this year. Her debut album Geidi Primes is set for a February 5 re-release date, with Halfaxa and her split EP with d’Eon Darkbloom following, respectively, on April 1 and May 20.

For Grimes completists, this is good news because, according to Exclaim!, the current going rate for an original pressing of Geidi Primes is around £424. Pre-orders for all three LPs can be placed here.

Earlier today, Grimes released the Law & Order-meets-K-pop blood rave video for ‘Kill v. Maim’, which you can watch below.

[via Pitchfork]



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