“I just saw a 12-minute teaser that he shot about a year ago and it felt pretty fucking cool,” says the Wu-Tang leader.

For several years, rumors have persisted about multiple biopics on the Wu-Tang Clan’s Ol’ Dirty Bastard. A few years back we heard Michael K. Williams would play the role in a film, and before that heard about another film written by ODB’s cousin. Now, we’ve gotten an update on the latter from RZA (who is also ODB’s cousin) in a new interview with Rolling Stone:

“There are a few wheels in motion with one done by our first cousin Rayshawn; he was the young guy there watching everything that happened,” says RZA, who adds that he was approached to direct the film, but was hesitant to be that directly involved. Still, he’s enthusiastic to offer any of his personal expertise to the project.

“From the age of six, me and [ODB] used to push shopping carts around grocery stores and try to get nickels. There are very few people who know the real him as much as me,” he says. “I’ll still be on it just to see it happen, talk to whoever’s doing it and give them my interviews or whatever they need to help make this story as great as possible.”

RZA cites the runaway success of Straight Outta Compton as one of the key reasons for the film’s potential resurgence from production hell.



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