The Waldorf KB37 gives you the best of both worlds.

Eurorack modular systems offer a world of synthesis traditional keyboard synths don’t provide, but they also have people wondering: “How do I play it?”. It’s a small issue that puts off those not willing to use the format’s strange selection of sequencers, but the new Waldorf KB37 should bridge that gap with a Eurorack case that’s also a keyboard.

Announced ahead of this week’s NAMM show, the KB37 isn’t the first Eurorack keyboard case, but it looks poised to be the case of choice for many modular beginners. As well as 37 keys with aftertouch, it features pitch and modulation wheels, built-in power supply and a CV interface that allows you to patch your modules into the keyboard.

The 107HP module bay is large enough to house a basic modular setup, meaning it should also find interest in experienced collectors that want a smaller system for live performance handy. You can use it to house any number of Eurorack modules from the dozens of companies already making them, or any one of the three modules Waldorf has also previewed ahead of NAMM 2016.

The new modules include the DVCA1 dual VCA, MOD1 modulator and CMP1 compressor. None of them are as immediately exciting as the handmade look of Bastl Instruments gear or the wild functions of Make Noise’s modules, but if they’re anything like Waldorf’s respected large-format synths, should be worth investigating for quality alone.

There’s no information as to when Waldorf’s new Eurorack range will be available or how much any of it will cost, but if they’re anything like the company’s NW1 wavetable module, will be around the £250/$350 mark.



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