Bibio has announced his eighth album, A Mineral Love.

Warp’s dreamiest mainstay returns to his regular label on April 1 for an album “built from memories”. A Mineral Love “uses familiar forms as a common language to communicate new ideas” but eschews sampling.

“I partly want it to sound like sampled records,” says the English producer, born Stephen Wilkinson, says, “but by crafting every single detail myself and colouring it to have familiar textures that resonate [with] people’s forgotten memories.”

“Some tracks are influenced by records I listen to often and some from ghosts of memories of things I heard while growing up, like 70s/80s American TV themes or 90s dance,” he adds.

A Mineral Love is out on April 1 and is available to pre-order on LP and digital from Warp. Stream ‘Feeling’ below.

Last year Bibio reissued his first album, Fi, and his debut for Warp, Ambivalence Avenue.


01. Petals
02. A Mineral Love
03. Raxeira
04. Town & Country
05. Feeling
06. The Way You Talk (Featuring Gotye)
07. With The Thought Of Us
08. Why So Serious? (Featuring Olivier St. Louis)
09. C’est La Vie
10. Wren Tails
11. Gasoline & Mirrors (Featuring Wax Stag)
12. Saint Thomas
13. Light Up The Sky



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