The RISE 49 offers two more octaves to play with.

London-based start-up ROLI has expanded its range of multi-dimensional Seaboard RISE controllers with a 49-key version.

Originally released as a 25-key version last October, the Seaboard RISE is a MIDI controller with pressure-sensitive keys that allow for several dimensions of touch: striking, pressing, gliding, sliding and lifting off.

Like its smaller sibling, the 49-key version supports wireless MIDI over Bluetooth and includes Equator, ROLI’s own software synth and sound engine – though the controller is compatible with a wide range of soft synths including Kontakt, Omnisphere 2 and more.

The introduction of the new model comes only a few months after launch of the original RISE, and also follows the launch of Noise, an app that makes use of the 3D Touch technology of the iPhone 6s.

You can pre-order the RISE 49 from the ROLI site now for £949.99.



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