The Generalissimo has arrived.

The deluge of modules being announced and revealed around NAMM (The National Association of Music Merchants) each year can be overwhelming; how many different oscillators and filters does any one person need, anyway? This particular reveal has us all a little weak at the knees, however.

Strymon are best known for their range of powerful digital pedals, such as the excellent BlueSky reverb and the realistic-sounding tape delay emulator El Capistan. Generalissimo is something a little different for Strymon as it ports their technology into Eurorack format, meaning modular synthesizer owners will be able to easily add it to their setup and – here’s the fun part – control its parameters with CV (control voltage) inputs.

The Generalissimo is a four head tape echo emulator intended to sound not unlike a Roland Space Echo or Korg Stage Echo – it also boasts a sound-on-sound looper, spring reverb, a clock multiplier and can self oscillate, if you like that sort of thing.

Strymon note that you can “play your delays like an instrument” and with full CV control that certainly appears to be at least possible. There are clock inputs for each head (which should allow for fascinating possibilities) and you can control feedback, speed and playback. We imagine paired with a few of MakeNoise’s creative suite of modules the results could get truly bizarre very quickly.

There’s no price or set release date yet (it’s still just a prototype), but you can read more about Generalissimo over at Strymon’s website, and they estimate that it’ll be available in Summer 2016.



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