Meet the biggest vinyl factory in Latin America.

While stories about the continuing vinyl boom are all well and good, it’s not much use if there aren’t more pressing plant to maintain the new demand. Currently, the only plant in Latin America is Rio de Janeiro’s Polysom, who produce 40,000 units a month, but still have wait times of about two months. The situation looks to be improving now with the announcement of a new factory that will quadruple the country’s vinyl production.

Located in São Paulo at the former site of Continental Records, Vinyl Brazil will be up and running later this year. The factory will be able to press 140,000 records a month, according to founder Michel Nath, who has been building the factory for over a year and rescued pressing machines from junkyards.

“Vinyl production still has room to grow here in Brazil. The factory will provide an important service to the cultural scene,” he said. [via The Vinyl Factory]



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