The godfather of grime gives perhaps his most frank interview yet.

Wiley interviews are usually either solid gold or non-events, depending on what you mood you catch him in (quick plug: there’s a couple of great ones in FACT’s archives.) His recent appearance on Not For The Radio is the latest addition to a long lineage of Wiley crackers, and may be the most open one yet.

Some of the subjects he covers:

• ‘Wearing My Rolex’: Wiley reveals that the real reason he infamously didn’t show up to the video shoot for his then-biggest hit was because someone cut his cheek open after a studio dispute (causing the scar he now wears). He also claims that ‘Wearing My Rolex’ is the proudest moment of his career, and he “didn’t know you could make that kind of money” (over £500,000 and counting) from music before that song.

• The lowest moment of his career is breaking up with ex-girlfriend Lady Ny. After splitting up with Wiley, she became a couple with Scorcher (at the same time that Wiley had beef with Scorcher’s crew The Movement.) He claims that it hurt more seeing Ny with PMR and Polydor’s Ben Parmar, however, “‘cause he’s an A&R.”

• He talks openly about selling heroin, being addicted to weed (he claims that he’s never been a coke addict though) and how crack is “killing off the black community.” Ultimately he concludes that all drugs are bad, even weed.

• He’s been stabbed 20 times.

• He thinks that Dizzee Rascal’s Boy In Da Corner and Kano’s Home Sweet Home are the two greatest grime albums, and Kano and Devlin are the greatest grime MCs.

• He doesn’t think monogamy’s natural, even if you’re in love, and he spills the – ahem – beans on the pregnancy incident that was all over Twitter last year.

• He has a book and a movie on the way.

Watch the whole thing here:



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