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Pusha T takes over FACT for the day!

Pusha T takes over FACT today for a day of interviews, behind-the-scenes photography and more.

Pusha T is one of the greats. As observed in the in-depth interview that fronts his FACT takeover, he’s on his third wave as an artist now, a long way from the young Virginia MC who was schooled at Timbaland’s house and went on to define a style of rap with the Clipse’s Lord Willin. 

The Clipse would go on to suffer years in label limbo before creating their own redemption with the We Got It For Cheap mixtapes and, eventually, the classic Hell Have No Fury, before the group became more-or-less inactive and Pusha focused on his solo career. At the end of 2015 he was crowned president of G.O.O.D. Music, the Kanye-founded label which also released his last solo album, Darkest Before Dawn. Backed by some of Timbaland’s weirdest beats in years (“the B-side Timbaland”, as Pusha puts it), it’s his most focused record in years.

January 26 might be better known as Australia Day, but fuck that: here at FACT it’s King Push Day. We’re running an extensive interview between Pusha and Walker Chambliss, a champion hip-hop writer and a fellow Virginian, while over on FACT TV’s Confessions, Push ‘fesses up about his biggest regrets, his favourite emoji, and a genuinely terrifying recurring dream he has about Santa Claus.

We’re also running a Facebook competition to win tickets for Pusha T live in London, and he’s has taken over our Instagram for a series of behind-the-scenes shots of G.O.O.D Towers. Check it all out here:

• The Art of Darkness: Pusha T on his grind to the top
• Confessions: Pusha T
• Pusha T takes over FACT’s Instagram
• Win Pusha T tickets and vinyl

And yup, that’s Pusha’s dove on the FACT logo today.




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