The weirdest drone record of the year.

At last year’s Milan Expo, artist Wolfgang Buttress created the UK’s award-winning entry The Hive, a 17-metre-high multi-sensory experience inspired by scientific research into that very important and very tiny animal, the bee.

This summer the pavilion is being moved to Kew Gardens in West London, where visitors will be able to experience the Hive and its unique improvised soundtrack by musicians Kev Bales and Tony Foster, who recorded an album combining an actual bee sounds with music from Spiritualized members Jason Pierce and John Coxon, Amiina (the Icelandic group who have recorded and toured with Sigur Rós), Youth, cellist Deirdre Bencsik, and vocalist Camille Buttress.

The resulting album will also be released on Caught by the River’s in-house record label Rivertones on February 12, and the 12-piece band will perform the music Nottingham’s Art Theatre on February 18 and 19.

Below you can stream a new track from the album called ‘The Hive’, and look out for the installation at Kew Gardens from June 2016.



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