The Southern rapper introduces his new album with firebrand lyrics over an effervescent beat.

Alabama rapper Bentley has announced his new album Street Knowledge, a full length collaboration with Parallel Thought, will be out March 4 and he’s introduced it with the attention-demanding ‘Cop Killa’.

“Don’t matter if you’re black or white — long as you got the badge you fit the description,” he raps, throwing the same deadly profiling back at an indifferent society — from the corrupt police up to the President himself. Bentley is furious, but that anger only focuses his delivery with a laser precision. It’s an appropriate pairing with Parallel Thought’s smooth, hypnotic production — the kind of trance-inducer that Bentley’s rap constantly tries to snap you out of.

Listen to it below and buy Street Knowledge now on cassette through Park Blvd Records. before its full release in March.



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