Hella infringement, brah.

The organizers of Coachella have filed a lawsuit against indie festival Hoodchella, which launched in California 2015 and is scheduled to take place again on April 8-9, the weekend before its big-ticket namesake.

Coachella organizers Goldenvoice, a subsidiary of global events company AEG Live, says it previously asked Hoodchella to change its name but the request was denied. The lawsuit claims the indie festival infringes on Coachella’s trademarks, creates unfair competition and dilutes its brand. As Rolling Stone reports, Goldenvoice is seeking $100,000 from Hoodchella as well as the name change.

Hoodchella supporters have meanwhile started a Change.org petition to save the festival, stating: “Everyone who supports Hoodchella Los Angeles knows that we are not in anyway associated with Coachella and we have never been associated with Golden Voice, AEG, or Coachella. It’s clear that our fan base knows we are two completely different establishments being that we already gained a fan base from our past underground art and music shows.”

Tickets for the second Hoodchella have just gone on sale, with this year’s event taking place at an as-yet-unannounced location in Los Angeles. The festival hasn’t yet announced its line-up, which is selected each year from artist submissions. Coachella, meanwhile, has got LCD Soundsystem, Calvin Harris and Guns N’ Roses on the bill. So easily confused!



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