Mood II Swing are basically untouchable. 

Lem Springsteen and John Ciafone released too many great records to count in the 1990s, both originals and remixes for the likes of Kim English and Fonda Rae. Although they were a house duo, their drum programming – skippier and more intricate than most house of the time – was hugely influential to the sound of UK garage, and like Armand Van Helden and Todd Edwards, they’re as respected amongst UK heads as US.

The duo’s influence was recently celebrated on Strictly Mood II Swing, a three-CD compilation that collects their best originals and remixes, from classics like ‘Closer’ to deep cuts and dub mixes. We’ve been after a Mood II Swing mix for years, and this compilation created the perfect in – hit play below for an hour of some of the best soulful, skippy house ever committed to record.

1. Kim English – ‘Learn 2 Luv’ (Mood II Swing Vocal Mix)
2. Mood II Swing – ‘All Night Long’
3. Lucy Pearl – ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’ (Mood II Swing Remix)
4. Mood II Swing – ‘I See You Dancing’
5. BT – ‘Remember’ (Mood II Swing Dub)
6. Mood II Swing – ‘Oh’
7. Nuyorican Soul feat. Jocylen Brown – ‘It’s Alright, I Feel It’ (Mood II Swing Remix)
8. Mood II Swing feat Carol Sylvan – ‘Closer’ (Swing II Mood Dub)
9. Mood II Swing – ‘Do It Your Way’
10. Rachid – ‘Pride’ (Mood II Swing Remix)
11. Mood II Swing pres. Wall Of Sound feat Lee Smith Jr. – ‘I Need Your Love’
12. Eric Gadd – ‘The Right Way’ (Mood II Swing Remix)

For readers outside of the USA, you’ll be pleased to know that Mood II Swing are heading over to Europe again very soon. You can catch them at the Feelings Spring Fling at Corsica Studios on 16th April and later in the year at Dimensions Festival in Croatia.



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