The perfect introduction to an undersung band.

After ending a 15-year absence with Instrumentals 2015, Bristol feedback enthusiasts flying saucer attack turn their attention to their back catalogue this year.

Three of fsa’s mid-90s albums – Distance, Further and Chorus – will be reissued on vinyl in March as part of the band’s 20th anniversary celebrations, which should produce more converts to the church of the cult folk-drone unit.

Head to Jon Dale’s comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to flying saucer attack if you’re a newcomer to the congregation, and look out for the albums on vinyl, CD and digital on March 25 via Domino.

Last year fsa’s David Pearce made a FACT mix highlighting a few of the bands that have influenced him over the years – stream that below.

FACT mix 509 – Flying Saucer Attack (Aug ’15) by Fact on Mixcloud



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