Make your own Eurorack case to measure.

Cases are an expensive and heavy necessity for those wanting to build a modular synth. There are many options for building your own, utilising everything from suitcases to IKEA toilet roll holders, but one savvy enthusiast has built one out of LEGO.

Berlin-based Daniel Mueller has put his knowledge of the brand’s Technic range into practice, and constructed a light and sturdy case to fit his collection of Eurorack modules. The benefits of a Technic case are obvious: you can expand it to whatever size you need, though it might not be the sturdiest option if you need to transport it in an overhead locker.

The cases aren’t for sale, but if you want to take inspiration from Mueller you can check out images of his creation below or at his Flickr page. Alternatively, you can investigate Kahnco’s off-the-shelf case components that fit together like LEGO.

If you just want a synth built from LEGO, that’s also a thing. [via Synthtopia]






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