The prolific artist adds another alias to a very long list.

Danny Wolfers will drop the Legowelt alias for his next project, adopting the Ufocus guise for an album on his Nightwind Records label.

The 11-track Guidance for the Puzzled continues the producer’s longstanding love of paranormal themes, present in projects like Occult Orientated Crime and his Relics of the Past video series alongside William Burnett.

The album isn’t released until April 25, but clips can be heard at the Clone website. You can check out the rather special artwork and find out how to make a Legowelt track below. [via RA]

Legowelt is Ufocus on paranormal techno LP, Guidance for the Puzzled


01. Fun With Fractals
02. Universal Melodies
03. De Nacht Wolf
04. Sins In Suburbia
05. Provoking A United Mental Force
06. Archetypes And Myths
07. Dawn Of Ufocus
08. Exaltation Japanois
09. Scully Mentos
10. Guidance For The Puzzled
11. Peaceful Times In My Head



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