The week’s best mixes: Danny L Harle, Andrew Weatherall and a journey to Pakistan

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Each week, FACT trawls through the untamed world of free mixes, radio specials and live blends so you don’t have to.

This week we journey from highbrow to lowbrow through every territory between, with Throwing Shade taking us on an journey into Pakistan, Andrew Weatherall picking some pancontinental gems, Mosca delivering a user’s guide to essential techno bod STL, and PC Music’s pop hero going full-on I’m A Celebrity… 

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Danny L Harle
Jungle Survival DJ Challenge

Don’t know what’s going on here TBH, but PC Music seem to be spending their major label dollars the right way. Pop craftsman Danny L Harle, seen here trapped in a video game and surrounded by plastic foliage, churns out mad bass, sickly-sweet melodies and nonsense rave tunes just how we like ‘em. Did you know his dad composed the theme tune for Silent Witness? A chip off the old block, really.

STL special on NTS Radio

STL is one of those rare producers with a style that sounds like nothing else: whether it’s slow and sinister or upbeat and funky, his brand of dub techno always sounds like its been hand-carved. Most of his catalogue is scattered across countless 12”s, making Mosca’s STL special on NTS an excellent primer to the German producer’s work. There are two hours of it here, covering all his different personalities – we suggest you settle down, zone out and let Mosca be your guide.

DJ Richard
Beats in Space mix

White Material and Dial man DJ Richard stepped up to the hallowed decks of Beats in Space this week to deliver 75 minutes of house, techno and far-out sounds. Kicking off with some unreleased electronic jazz from Call Super’s Ondo Fudd alias and working his way through classic tracks from Derrick May, DJ Hell and Mr Fingers, it’s a reminder that there’s much more to the producer than his banging ghetto house and melancholy techno influences. Watch out for the extreme noise at the 18-minute mark.

Throwing Shade
Pakistan special on NTS Radio

NTS mainstay Throwing Shade, aka Nabihah Iqbal, has crafted an hour-long collage from a recent trip to Karachi and it’s as beautifully cluttered as you’d expect. Splicing together personal field recordings (everything from the sound of eagles cawing to the early morning azan) with time-honoured Pakistani pop queens like Noor Jehan, Vital Signs’ bouncing “pop national anthem” from 1987 and Lollywood jazz ensembles, its myriad layers will make you want to dig further.

Andrew Weatherall
Phonica Mix Series 21

A pan-continental selection from lifelong vinyl addict Andrew Weatherall, who plugs his new album Convenanza with a mix “designed to show that there is more to Phonica than that frightful ‘oompty-boompty’ music,” he says. On offer is the ace Glasgow-to-Ghana recording project Youth Stand Up, a dose of Nigerian funk maestro William Onyeabor and some ‘70s sleaze from porn soundtracker Patrick Cowley. 

Radar Radio mix for 1080p

An inclusion in our list of the 10 house and techno producers to watch in 2016, Vancouver’s LNS joined 1080p boss Richard McFarlane on his Radar Radio show for a guest set this week. Better known to her friends as Laura Sparrow, LNS is considered one of the city’s best-kept secrets and it’s easy to see why, mixing up classic Detroit and UK techno in a way that sounds really fresh.

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