The online sample database is now even easier to use on mobile.

WhoSampled is already the go-to resource if you want to know what music your favourite tracks have sampled, but a new partnership with Spotify should make it even more useful.

The online sample database’s iOS app now lets you to connect with your Spotify account, accessing your playlists and saved music and making information on your own library instantly accessible.

As well as revealing the sampled music behind your music, the app can also add the original tracks to your Spotify library and even let you stream the tracks in the WhoSampled app.

The features are currently limited to the iOS app, but WhoSampled promises that the Spotify integration will be brought to the Android app later this year.

In May 2015 WhoSampled added film and TV samples to its database, making it possible to identify which episode of Seinfeld that mystery line of dialogue is from. [via VentureBeat]



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