Earl Sweatshirt has answers to all The Big Questions.

In an interview with A Country Called Earth, the LA rapper gets stuck into fame, religion and other burning issues.

“I’m still not an advocate for deification, so I take every opportunity I can to assert my humanity to those who are still invested in putting me on a pedestal. Deification divides,” remarks the Odd Future cohort on the subject of present-day fame.

Declaring his support for the Black Lives Matter movement, when asked which figure from history he would fight, given a chance, he answers: “Christopher Columbus for pretty obvious reasons.”

He also definitely believes in a higher being: “I’m a big ‘universal oneness’ head ass nigga. ______(insert whatever name you use to refer to a higher power) is in everything and everyone. I was raised in a house that practiced Nichiren Buddhism. I strayed away from it as a teen and I’ve returned to it as an adult.”

And if you wanted to know how Earl Sweatshirt now spends his days, apparently it involves a heady mix of healthy eating and watching telly with his mum.



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