The decision comes ahead of a review of the city’s controversial lockout laws.

The ban on new pub and club licenses in central Sydney is to be extended to February 2017, RA reports.

The ban arrived together with the controversial lockout laws that were brought into effect in early 2014 after two alcohol-related deaths in the city. As well as restrictions on new licenses, patrons are unable to re-enter a venue after 1:30am, with last orders taking place at 3am.

Opposition to the laws have been fierce, with the Keep Sydney Open campaign mobilising people to fight via an online petition.

The extension on the ban of new licenses comes ahead of a review of the laws, due to take place later this month. According to New South Wales Deputy Premier and Justice Minister Troy Grant, the decision has been made “to have certainty and confidence that nothing will change while we conduct this major review.”

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird gave his opinion regarding the laws on Facebook today (February 9), dismissing concerns as about Sydney’s nightlife as “growing hysteria,” and adding that assaults were down 42.2 per cent as a result.

“This is the greatest city in the world and it is now safer and more vibrant than ever,” he concluded.

Sydney DJ Nina Las Vegas offered a different take in the comments of Baird’s post, saying: “As a Kings Cross resident, I feel unsafe to walk home as there is literally NO ONE around, including police officers.

“As a nightclub DJ and promoter, I can’t work within the lockout zones and am continually explaining to international visitors WHY our city is no longer somewhere you would want to perform.

“I’ve seen too many businesses close, empty cabs, lost night shifts and closed venues to believe that Sydney is ‘more vibrant than ever.’ It’s heartbreaking.”

Sydney’s lockout laws were last promised a review in June 2015, but in the time they have been in operation scores of bars, clubs and small businesses have closed in the city’s King’s Cross area.



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