Fetty Wap is just a normal rap superstar who’s into cars, cookin’ pies and trading on the stock market.

When you’ve got a crew of 17 people to provide for and the spoils of four hit singles burning a hole in your pocket, making the right investment is obviously important, as the Paterson, New Jersey rapper explains to comedian Trevor Noah in the new Interview magazine.

Asked by Noah if he sees himself growing into a music industry mogul in the future, Fetty says he’s not into “all this business stuff. I like stocks. I’ve invested in a lot of stocks.”

He explains: “One day I was talking to my accountant, and he was like, ‘Yo, what if I could turn a million dollars into $20 million?’

“And the next day he was at my house, my leg was broken, we were on the computer, looking at it, like, ‘I don’t understand none of this stuff.’ And he breakin’ it down, like, ‘Yo, this is trade values, this is stock minutes, this is going to go up, this is going to drop down. You’ve got to know when to sell, when to trade, when to buy.’ And I was catching on… And now that’s what I do in my free time.”

Careful with those derivatives, Willie! Read the full interview for more on Fetty’s church upbringing and why he calls himself the ‘hood daddy’.

Fetty capped his massive 2015 with a free EP in December, and is set to release a joint mixtape with Young Thug (don’t hold your breath for that one).

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